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Tuner Cartoons Licensing

Tuner Cartoons works with its customers and creative partners to make many of its designs, graphics, and cartoons available for licensing.  Tuner Cartoons and its sister division, Tuner Arts, market its licensed graphics and cartoons for use in commercial merchandise, advertising, and in publications.  In exchange for licensing their drawings and cartoons through Tuner Cartoons, our customers receive royalty payments when their drawings are licensed and used. 

Interested in earning money from your drawings? Read our licensing FAQ below, or, contact us at to receive details on our licensing programs. 

Tuner Licensing FAQ

Do I still own the rights to my drawing? Yes, absolutely. You’re simply licensing it to us or a third-party to use.

What percentage of sales to I get? For merchandise that we create and sell ourselves, we offer 10% of the payment that we receive. For images that we sub-license as stock images on a royalty-free basis, we’ll provide you with 25% of the payment that we receive.

How much money can I make? Although that’s hard to predict, we can give you some ways to estimate it. If we create a piece of merchandise like a t-shirt with your image on it and sell it ourselves for $19.99, we’ll provide 10% of the payments we collect as a royalty. For example, if we sell 500 t-shirts and receive $4.50 per shirt, you’ll receive 10% x $4.50 x 500 = $225. If we license as a royalty-free stock image to a designer to use in his presentations for $39.95, we’ll provide you with 25% of the royalty licensing fee or $9.99

How much to I get paid if my drawing is combined in one of your sticker sheets or kids coloring books products? In situations where your drawing is combined with other drawings to create a product, we’ll calculate your royalty by dividing a 15% royalty percentage by the number of images in the product. So, if you’re drawing is in a sticker packs with 5 other drawings, you’ll receive 15% divided by 5 or 3% of the payments we receive for the sticker packs. If we sell 500 sticker packs at $9.98 each, you’ll receive 500 x $9.98 x 0.03 = $149.70

How will I know how much you sell? We’ll provide a royalty report when we issue payments to you each quarter (i.e. the end of Mar, June, Sept, and Dec).

Can I cancel this licensing agreement? Yes, just send us a written request by email, and we’ll stop offering your drawing to new licensing customers. We also discontinue selling merchandise that includes your drawing after we sell any inventory that has already been printed.

Are there any types of drawings that I can't license.  Yes. We don't license two types of drawings: 1) if your drawing contains a logo or a brand mark of a business or company that you do not own, we won't be able to able to license it from you or for you. 2) we do not license drawings of people. 

Can I still print and sell merchandise, myself. You’ll be licensing your drawing to us on a non-exclusive basis.

How do I get started? Just send us a chat message or email to and let us know that you're interested. We'll send you a copy of our standard licensing agreement to review and sign. That's it. If you're a Tuner Cartoons customer, we already have your drawing files in our archives.