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What size are your drawings?

You will receive high resolution 300 dpi JPG and PNG files and a vector design source file. Most of our vector design source files are in Adobe Illustrator format. Email us or indicate in your order instructions if you would like a vector file in another format such as .SVG or EPS. These should allow you to use the images in digital format online and print posters, flyers, T-shirts/apparel, signage, stickers, branded merchandise, and embroidered products.  

What photo should I upload for you to make the drawing?

The higher the resolution the better! All of our drawings are made by hand, so the higher the quality of the photo the easier it is for us to make the drawings detailed! Photos taken with a camera or mobile phone work well. Just make sure you're uploading a high resolution image and not a scaled down one!

Hey, I haven't received my digital drawings, and it's been over 10 days. Where are they?

Your drawings should have been sent to you within about 8 days of placing your order and providing your photos and/or other reference materials. They will be sent to you via a WeTransfer email. They'll come from the email address:  You should first check your spam folder for the period 7-10 days after placing your order. Then, please contact us at, and we'll resend the drawings.

I ordered a printed copy of my drawing, but you only sent me some digital files. When do I get my printed drawing?

Yes, after you receive your 4-5 digital files, please select the file that you would like us to print and notify us by email at OR by replying to the email with your digital files. We will have your drawing printed and shipped to you. It will be shipped rolled in a shipping tube via post or UPS. Please indicate in your email whether you would like us to send you a tracking number.  Printed copies take about 2-3 days to print and 5-7 days to shipping depending on your location and time of year.

Can you draw more than one vehicle in my drawing?

Yes, we often draw more than one vehicle or piece of equipment in a drawing. Please note that we charge per vehicle or piece of equipment. To order more than one vehicle or piece of equipment in a drawing, please select the Add an Additional Vehicle field on our order form.

How long does it take to finish my drawing?

The timeline depends mostly on the style of drawing you order. Make sure to check the descriptions on each product page for our usual delivery time! The timeline may also be longer if we experience a large number of orders in a short period, but we'll always work as hard as we can to get it sent to you as fast as possible! We'll try to deliver your Custom Drawing Style drawings in 5-7 days and your Cartoon drawings and drawings with Custom Background and multiple characters in 8-9 days.

How is the finished artwork sent to me?

After it's completed we'll send the digital drawing straight to your email! We send drawings to the email that you enter at checkout, so if you'd like it sent somewhere else just let us know in the notes box at checkout! PLEASE BE SURE TO ENTER THE CORRECT EMAIL, and check your spam and promotions folder so that you don't miss your drawing.

What format is the drawing in?

We send the drawings as both JPG and PNG files. We also will send a vector design source file in Adobe Illustrator format. If you would like a vector file in another format such as .SVG or EPS, please specify in your instructions or email us your request.

Can you work from more than one photo?

Yes! The first photo you upload will be used as the base for the drawing, and additional photos can be uploaded to give the artist more perspective on parts of the vehicle such as wheels or decals. If you're ordering a character drawing you can also upload separate pictures of you and your ride and we'll put them in the same drawing! You can only upload one photo on our site, so once you've placed your order send us an email with the extra photos titled "Additional photos for drawing" to

What if I'm not happy with the drawing?

We've made hundreds of drawings, and nearly 100% of our customers are satisfied. We of course want to keep it that way, and will do whatever it takes to make a drawing that you absolutely love! If there is anything wrong with the first drawing we sent to you just let us know and we will correct the drawing until it's exactly how you want it - free of charge!

Can you change my Custom Drawing Style drawing to a Cartoon instead?

If you make your request to change the style within 24-hours of placing your order, we certainly can change it. We will either send you an upgrade order link to pay any difference in price or refund you the difference in place in the case where you have chosen a lower priced style.

After 24-hours, our artist has already begun drawing your order, and it won’t be possible to change the style without reordering another drawing. We have different artists who specialize in different styles.

Who owns the rights to my drawing?

You do. Occasionally, we would love to use your drawings for in our marketing campaigns, but let us know if you would prefer that we don't.

Can you show me my drawing before I pay for it?

Unfortunately, we can’t create your drawing without a paid order. All of our drawings are hand-drawn by actual artists. We’re not able to allocate their time to drawings that haven’t been ordered.

Can I talk to an actual person? I'm not comfortable just uploading my photos and placing an order online.

Absolutely, just send us your number, your time zone, and a good time to call via email or online chat and let us know that you would like a callback. One of our team members will give you a call, usually within 24 hours.

Have a question we didn't answer?

Email your questions to us at and we'll answer them as fast as we can!